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We empower tomorrow
Bingo Recycling

Bingo Recycling advantages in the secondary marketing of your goods: A fast reaction time to market changes, quickly releasable capital and storage space.

Bingo Logistics

The Bingo Logistics distribution experts advise you on logistical challenges and create customized shipping solutions for your needs.

Bingo Trading

As a passionate trader, we make it easy for you to shop branded goods and Co. from all over the world near-termed at our logistics center.

Bingo Systems

Many years of experience, a high degree of professionalism and a comprehensive customer service are factors that make Bingo Systems one of the first contact point in the secondary marketing segment. What defines us beyond that is our sense of responsibility towards social issues and our own environment. Sensitivity for these topics also offers us great potential for optimization for a sustainable process chain with regard to the handling of various services in the future. From overstock goods to bankruptcy remainders: As secondary marketers, we not only donate discarded goods a new future. We support you in conserving natural resources and improving your own environmental balance. Instead of having to destroy refurbished goods with financial loss, we find sustainable solutions to resale and save your investment. Convince yourself now of our performance portfolio and our service quality and benefit from our many years of industry experience.

Bingo Systems Worldwide

„A deal is only as good as the partners involved in it.“

Dinko Muhic, Founder, Bingo Systems


Many people can tell stories – only a few make history: Not only our many satisfied customers but also our development provides evidence of the success of Bingo Systems. Founded in 2009, our warehouse space originally totaled 200 square meters and one employee: Our managing director Dinko Muhic. Mr. Muhic has remained – our Bingo Systems family now counts 60 employees who are based in 17,000 square meters of warehouse space at two locations. In addition to our high service quality and our broad performance portfolio, we distinguish ourselves above all through the harmonious use of social and ecological resources. Much has changed since 2009, a constant that remains is the passion for what we do!

Lagerhalle - Bingo Systems

Logistics Center

We convince you with 17,000 reasons of Bingo Systems: In our logistics center, products from A to Z are available on demand for immediate collection and delivery. As a service-oriented secondary marketer we also offer you the on-site opportunity to check our branded goods, refurbished goods, returned goods, overstock items and bankruptcy residual items as well as purchases from real estate evictions yourself. Our team will gladly assist you in planning your stay in our logistics center. We look forward to meeting you in person.


As a secondary marketer, we make a fundamental contribution to the value chain and are committed to sustainable business in our core activity. Indispensable in this process and of equal importance to us is social responsibility. For us this means incorporating social concerns into business decisions. As a member of the Federal Association Secondary Raw Materials and Disposal e. V. (bvse), Bingo Systems not only pledges its word to sustainable action, the company also convinces with its voluntary commitment in the association. With this we have committed ourselves to contribute to energy conservation, energy recovery and climate protection.

RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik GmbH

Quality standards

``One of the reasons why we have become one of Europe's largest secondary marketers is our ability to offer individual solutions packages to our customers - the other one is our intransigence with reference to our quality promise.`` (Dinko Muhic) - Focused on social and ecological factors we have been optimizing our processes for years. This results in a guarantee for the high quality of our products and services. We do not only take the requirements of our customers into consideration, we also orientate ourselves to the highest industry standards.

Bingo Systems Worldwide

Service does not end at a national border: Our highly qualified employees assume customs formalities and advise you on the worldwide delivery process. In accordance with our high quality standards and our sustainable company values - which also aim at long-term commitment of social capital - we cooperate with national and international partners for many years. After consultation with suppliers, we are in a position to offer certain brands outside the EU. Our distribution experts and our international client base are also available to you for the flexible acquisition of various types of goods.


„Our values make Bingo Systems what we are today. Our slogan ‘We empower tomorrow’ is a symbol for the daily motivation of my employees and me to do our best every day.“ (Dinko Muhic)

We deliberately chose the We empower tomorrow because it reflects our passion for what we do in all its different components. Additionally it visualizes our focus on sustainable trading and the trust within the Bingo Systems family.


The ``we`` in our slogan stands for the solidarity of the approximately sixty-headed Bingo Systems family. At the same time, it reflects our value attitude towards our customers: You too are a part of the ``We`` and therefore welcome in the inner circle of our company.


Without power without us: Our core values of ``speed`` and ``efficiency`` have been securing us a top place at the forefront of European secondary marketers for years. For you this slogan component is a guarantee that we drive your interests with energy, efficiency and vigor.


``Tomorrow`` - without today's sustainable economy there would be no ``tomorrow``. Only the resource-saving handling of raw materials secures our and your company a long-term existence. With this part of our slogan, we emphasize that we are aware of both our environmental and social responsibility as a sustainable secondary marketer.

We work together with more than 50 national and international popular brands.

Dinko Muhic, CEO, Bingo Systems