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Sustainable and Innovative Secondary Market


Recycling. Leistungen. Bingo Systems.


Unsold branded goods often pose a significant challenge and are destroyed due to limited storage capacity, rapidly changing collection rotations, and miscalculated budgets. Bingo Recycling purchases your branded goods, overstock items, returns and B-stock, surplus, and more on fair terms, ensuring the recycling of high-quality brands in international markets.
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Variety of goods in a warehouse space of 17,000 m²: In our logistics center, you have the opportunity to inspect the selected goods. Upon subsequent purchase, the items are available for pickup on request. Whether you desire worldwide order processing, Bingo Logistics is here to assist. Regarding import and export, we handle all necessary clearances, document creation, and transport organization.
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Custom Export Solutions: Bingo Trading handles customs formalities and advises you on global delivery processes. Adhering to our high-quality standards and sustainable values, we have been collaborating with national and international partners for many years. After consultation with suppliers, we are able to offer brands outside the EU. Our distribution experts are also available for flexible procurement of various types of goods.
Innovation. Leistungen. Bingo Systems.


Our sense of responsibility towards the environment is the driving force behind our actions. Bingo Systems invests in RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik GmbH, thus contributing to the research and development of innovative recycling technologies. With our patented technology, revolPET®, we are developing processes to fully recycle PET and give it new life. As pioneers of the back-to-monomer process, a special form of chemical recycling, we focus on scalable procedures.