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We want to give back from our success. The Aachen Network for Humanitarian Aid and Intercultural Peacework is a non-profit organization actively and solidarity combating suffering and hardship. This is achieved through humanitarian aid projects on one hand and long-term projects for peace and intercultural understanding on the other. One of the largest projects is the assistance for refugees, those in need, and seekers of protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the region around Bihac at the European external border.

Even in transportation: it has to be quick and easy! We donated eight tons of relief goods, including partly new clothing for adults and children in Bihać, along with transportation, to the non-profit organization. The officials of the organization were thrilled with the uncomplicated, fast, and easy handling with us. In their newsletter from the summer of 2021, they write: „This transport was our fastest and easiest! … on Friday around 1 pm, the question came from Bihać: ‚A company wants to send us goods…‘ Over the weekend, a lot was prepared. On Monday at 11:02 am, the final packing list arrived, the resulting list of relief goods went to the customs service at 11:32 am, the export accompanying document came at 1:30 pm, and the truck practically left Herzebrock-Clarholz immediately.“ And so, our goods arrived in Bihać on Wednesday and were unloaded into the warehouse of SOS Bihać. Our transport truck is being unloaded at the SOS Bihać warehouse. We have donated 8 tons of relief goods (see picture). The organization is doing truly impressive and remarkable work on-site.

For those who wish to learn more or donate, additional information can be found here: